Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Ahem thank you my camper... Friend.

My name is Dr. Maless Peyn but most people call me Dr. Malice. I have a Ph.D in Fiction. By which I don't mean I have a fake degree, although I technically do, but that I study fiction. Specifically the effect of fiction on human beings. It is from these studies that I found out about, what I once believed to be, fictional creatures called Fears. I was enamored by them and intrigued. I read almost all the blogs and I wrote a thesis on the mental states of some of the writers to further my theories. This all changed when I met a boy named Jayson. He was a student in my I.T class and it turns out he was what the blogs refer to as a runner. His entire family having been killed by one of the creatures he had never ascertained which exactly. Later his claims were proven true when another of my students killed him after being driven mad by a run in with the fear known as the Choir.

Now as to why there is a camper watching me write this and what the message was about. Well it seems that I have attracted some unwanted attention. Namely the fears. All of them. They have decided that I am a good candidate for part of the game. What game? If you're reading this you know exactly what game. The rules are simple. Whichever fear kills me first wins. However every attempt must involve giving me a fighting chance. EX: The choir cannot just explode my brain with sound.

As well not all the fears are intent on killing me. Many fears are neutral and three fears are meant to defend me. Not so far as to stop one of the others but they are required to answer my questions and their servants have been put under my control... Somewhat. Ex: This camper beside me who was responsible for writing the previous post and will be writing the rest of my posts as I will mostly be too busy fighting for my life to update it myself.

The complete list of the players of this game and their roles will be in the next post. As well as a bit more on the rules.

Now I am going out to stock up on weapons and food so I won't have to leave my house for a while.