Monday, 18 June 2012

We found Portnoy.

The 4 of us wandered undaunted throughout The City. At last in a basic cityscape a large explosion grabbed our attention. We hurried there and found Portnoy. He was standing in front of a weird sphere. Well ok that's not quite a description. It was a generally orb shaped hole in reality. As we watched a pulse of... something ripped out from the orb towards Portnoy and the street rose creating a wall to defend him. The pulse seemed to distort the air leaving a rip in existence along it's path and the wall just ceased to be when it hit. The others stopped and TDM said something that sounded like convoy or envoy. It didn't matter. Portnoy was in trouble and I was going to protect him. I rushed down and I heard a lot of cursing behind me but I didn't care. I reached his side and he turned to me. At that moment another pulse erupted from the thing and one of the buildings fell in front of us blocking it. It wasn't portnoy doing it. The City was protecting him.

Eventually the others had apparently come down and all 5 of us were facing the creature. Harold fired on the orb and the bullet stopped inches from it like something had grabbed it then it slowly split in half down the middle then into 4ths and onwards until there was nothing visible left. We all watched with amazement and horror. There was a deep rumbling sound and The Dying Man made a strangled sound. At that point the orb seemed to expand existence slowly becoming swallowed by it. "The City is trying to get a Door for us but The Envoy is preventing it!" Someone yelled. It was probably Portnoy or The Dying Man. Regardless of who spoke the meaning was clear. We needed to distract it somehow. I saw The Dying Man step forward. Then the thought suddenly launched into my head. "Fuck that. This is my moment." I launched myself forward. Catching the look of shock on The Dying Man's face with satisfaction as I ran past her. I threw myself at the expanding orb, I heard the whispering get louder and then I passed out.

When I woke up I had a new body and we were outside The City. I have no idea what happened.

(What I didn't cover)

Friday, 15 June 2012

New Body New identity.

So that didn't take long. Shortly after joining with this group we ran into a possible body and The Dying Man immediately forced me out into this new body. I'm not upset. It was worrisome traveling with her. She could have crushed me at any moment. The other two don't seem to understand what happened. I introduced myself but they now seem to think I'm just another dying man piece. Can't really blame them much. I've never heard about any other creature capable of what I'm doing.

The only problem with having a body now is now The Dying Man will expect me to lead them to Portnoy and I still have no clue where he is.

Maybe I'll get lucky.

Oh right. Also I'm not sure exactly but something changed when I left The Dying Man. I don't know what yet... I feel sort of different though. I feel empty... Or split... Like I'm missing part of myself. There's also this nagging whispering sound in my head like a bunch of people talking at once.

I hope she didn't do anything weird to me.

(His Reaction)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Oh crap

I just attempted to, and in a way succeeded, possess The Dying Man... See the bastards who shot me came over shortly after to examine the body. One of them a woman leaned down and tried to take a knife from my hand. I used that moment to transfer to her then attempted to take control and instead found myself pulled into a weird other world where I met The Dying Man who asked me who I was and "what the fuck I thought I was doing"

I explained the situation. Her response was less than genial and will not be repeated here but basically amounted to "don't care this is my body get out." However a flash of knowledge passed into my head. I knew they were looking for Portnoy so I told her I knew where he was. (I was lying but she didn't need to know that). After a bit of arguing and a small physical battle in the mind she agreed to let me tag along until such time as I could find another body and on the grounds that she remains in charge. So I'm riding a body alongside The Dying Man. I've also been informed of who her two companions are. One is the Servant known as The Muffin Man and the other is a Wooden Girl servant known as Harold. I had heard a little about both of them from the internet in my head. If you want information on all three the following Three blogs are relevant sources of information. 

Although the last one is kind of vague if you don't have near infinite knowledge.

So anyways I'm tagging along with this strange group for now. I don't know what their plans for Portnoy are but if necessary I will do whatever I can to protect him. Even if that means attempting to overpower The Dying Man.

(His confusion)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lucky or unlucky.

I caught a lucky break today some random bastard ran straight through me and I was able to hitch a ride on his body. However a few seconds after somebody shot him in the head. So now I'm stuck in an inanimate body. One would think I could just take control of the corpse but it doesn't work like that. The body's functions no longer er function. I can't control it properly. So I'm stuck... again.

(His side)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Trail lost

So The City can still stop me. See as mentioned earlier I can travel on wireless paths. The Entire city has some weird pseudo wireless system that covers the entire place. As such I can go anywhere. Well that weird pseudo path has suddenly disappeared I am not trapped. I can't move. I'm not sure what's happening. I don't even know how this works on a scientific level I just know I seem to be suspended in mid air unable to move. The area I'm in seems to be a hilly area. Random body parts sprout up from the hilly landscape like a really badly dug graveyard. With nothing to do at the moment I guess I may as well end this now. It is likely I will eventually be freed. The wireless aura had to serve some purpose so it is likely it will be turned on again.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Search and find.

In my formless state I've been traveling mostly unimpeded and searching for Portnoy. I'm following a trail but I don't know if it's right. Whatever I'm following forged it's own way through The City without it's consent. Portnoy could have done so once upon a time but his powers are gone unless they were returned somehow. If not Portnoy what am I following?

The answer will come to me eventually.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Wandering Death

I still have no computer and still have no clue how I'm writing this but I can read it as I'm writing it. Like it's in my head. I know that this is all being transmitted to the blog. I assume this is a mixture of The City and my Thoughtborness. Regardless I've been searching The City. Everywhere I turn is just an endless grey expanse. I feel like I'm in a maze and all around me I hear whispering. I know what they're saying. I acknowledge the truths and deny the lies. I will not repeat what was said. The road continues forever shifting back on itself. One walks forever. A death march of an immortal being. I could go crazy in this maze. I have been here for days but you would not be aware unless I told you. I don't know where Portnoy is. I don't know what The City is doing to him. I turn forever walking back to the start whenever I finish the course. I can't die and there's no way out.

There's always a way out for those who seek one. This body doesn't matter to me. It's merely a vessel to contain me. Why do I need to be contained? Why do I need a body? Time to get out. Time to defy expectations. I am thought. I am data. I am free.