Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Oh crap

I just attempted to, and in a way succeeded, possess The Dying Man... See the bastards who shot me came over shortly after to examine the body. One of them a woman leaned down and tried to take a knife from my hand. I used that moment to transfer to her then attempted to take control and instead found myself pulled into a weird other world where I met The Dying Man who asked me who I was and "what the fuck I thought I was doing"

I explained the situation. Her response was less than genial and will not be repeated here but basically amounted to "don't care this is my body get out." However a flash of knowledge passed into my head. I knew they were looking for Portnoy so I told her I knew where he was. (I was lying but she didn't need to know that). After a bit of arguing and a small physical battle in the mind she agreed to let me tag along until such time as I could find another body and on the grounds that she remains in charge. So I'm riding a body alongside The Dying Man. I've also been informed of who her two companions are. One is the Servant known as The Muffin Man and the other is a Wooden Girl servant known as Harold. I had heard a little about both of them from the internet in my head. If you want information on all three the following Three blogs are relevant sources of information. 

Although the last one is kind of vague if you don't have near infinite knowledge.

So anyways I'm tagging along with this strange group for now. I don't know what their plans for Portnoy are but if necessary I will do whatever I can to protect him. Even if that means attempting to overpower The Dying Man.

(His confusion)

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