Friday, 15 June 2012

New Body New identity.

So that didn't take long. Shortly after joining with this group we ran into a possible body and The Dying Man immediately forced me out into this new body. I'm not upset. It was worrisome traveling with her. She could have crushed me at any moment. The other two don't seem to understand what happened. I introduced myself but they now seem to think I'm just another dying man piece. Can't really blame them much. I've never heard about any other creature capable of what I'm doing.

The only problem with having a body now is now The Dying Man will expect me to lead them to Portnoy and I still have no clue where he is.

Maybe I'll get lucky.

Oh right. Also I'm not sure exactly but something changed when I left The Dying Man. I don't know what yet... I feel sort of different though. I feel empty... Or split... Like I'm missing part of myself. There's also this nagging whispering sound in my head like a bunch of people talking at once.

I hope she didn't do anything weird to me.

(His Reaction)

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