Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Who's the lucky bastard?

The Fears are all gone now. The bodies are too. I'm all alone now. One of those bastards will be coming to get me soon. I've known that all along. The Archangel hinted that a certain Fear had already claimed me. He also hinted it was probably one of the neutrals. That's good at least The Choir bastards won't get the satisfaction. Now all that's left is to wait.

The more we walk together together together...
The more we walk together
The happier we'll be...

Wait what the hell am I writing?

Oh oh god. It's him. It all makes sense now. The Game made me the perfect target for him. I can hear his singing. It's getting so cold... The singing is so loud...

I'm going to die now... He's right in front of me... I want all of you out there to remember... I won. Against all odds, I won.

I'm so very cold.


I ran out ready to shoot the first puppet I saw but they were gone. Then I noticed why. The Rake was standing beside me and in front of him stood The Slenderman, The Plague Doctor and The Blind Man. Although all are either facially obscured or otherwise not externally emotional I could feel their rage. The Rake didn't seem afraid it seemed defiant. The Slenderman attacked first his tentacles launching towards The Rake who slashed them away with ease. The Blind Man opened his book and pages began to fly out obscuring The Rake from site temporarily however soon The Rake slashed his way through. I could see cuts all over his skin however. They healed a few seconds later as if they had never been there. The Rake then charged The Plague Doctor who deflected his slashes with the cane. Meanwhile Slender opened the bathroom door and The Dying Officer lunged out and tackled The Rake. The two wrestled for a while before The Rake decapitated The Dying Officer however at this point The Plague Doctor struck The Rake with the end of his cane and The Rake was covered with large boils which then exploded. The Rake reared back and made a loud pained growling sound and struck at The Plague Doctor who deflected it. One of Slender's Tentacles Pierced The Rakes shoulder and then they all just disappeared. I realized why. It was 12:00 Time was up. The Game was over. I don't know what exactly The Rake did that angered the others so much but whatever it was because of it I've won. The Game is over and I won. I faced The Fears and I won.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Just 1 more day. Just 1 more. You can do it!

Oh shit oh shit! They're going to kill me. Um ok fuck. I spoke too soon. I need to explain a bit more. The puppets working for me are not normal puppets. They're pretty much just normal people who's willpower has been put entirely under my control via The Wooden Girl. Well turns out this was a bad arrangement. See they sleep and since they can sleep The Rake can whisper to them.

Long story short. The puppets are all trying to kill me. The Camper fought against them at first but The Rake slaughtered them and so I'm now hiding in my bedroom the door locked and barricaded and they're trying desperately to get in.

I have my guns I should just go out there and kill them but for some reason I can't. I know they're just servants on my side because of this horrible game but still I can't not think of them as my friends, my allies. I was able to kill Marcinius why am I having so much trouble killing these puppets? It's because my mind is thinking of things now in terms of the game. Marcinius was a threat an enemy. The puppets are just controlled comrades. Still I won't survive if I don't kill them. Fine this is it. This may be my last goodbye. 

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Giving up?

The Rake is gone The Convocation has statically charged my entire house and I'm getting lots of shocks but nothing else. There was one final rush of nests which I managed barely to survive. The Plague doctor has officially given up and left. Slenderman and The Blind Man are gone as well. There are two days left are you guys giving up already?

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Three more days...

The games almost over. I won The Nameless One's game and The Choir seems to of disappeared now. Apparently Marcinius had been their last ploy. The Plague Doctor also seems to of mostly given up. He still causes me a few nosebleeds and sores and I think some of my teeth are falling out but otherwise he's been quiet. The Blind Man however has started doing something very interesting. He's ben implanting horrific memories into my mind. I probably shouldn't be able to know they're fake but I'm pretty sure I was never sexually abused by my father when I was a little girl. Mostly because I'm a guy. Course it's still incredibly disturbing and effective. The Rake or The Convocation, not sure which, destroyed all my windows and ripped up all my furniture and my servant death count is now up to 8. 1 nest, 6 proxies and a dying man host if that counts. What else have you got because so far I'm winning.

Friday, 10 February 2012


I don't want to play this game anymore...

I just killed him. I had to...

They freed him just for that.

Ok sorry um... While I was busy playing The nameless's little game someone arrived at the door. It was Marcinius. I shouldn't have opened the door. I should have known what was happening but I was just so... I don't even know. I opened the door and he attacked me. He had a knife and he attacked me. Apparently "his friends" told him he needed to kill me. Apparently I was the one responsible for everything. They even convinced him that's why I wanted him to shut down the blog. That wasn't why. I thought maybe they'd leave him alone if he stopped blogging. Like a bully. They stop if you don't give them what they want... It's not important though He attacked me and I tried not to hurt him I tried to just restrain him but in the end I couldn't do anything. I had to kill him... I made sure it was quick.

The Choir will burn for this. Every last one of them. Before that I still have a game to win... Your move Nameless One.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

You have a right to sit down and shut up!

Choir activity is increasing now. They are speaking directly to me. Calling me a murderer, a monster. They are blaming me for Jayson's death and what happened to Marcinius. They're too late I blamed myself for that a long time ago. Something is coming though I can hear it in their words. I have a makeshift flamethrower ready for any of their servants... Something tells me what's coming will be worse.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Problem Solved

Sometimes everything just works out... Sometimes.

So The Police Officer (Poor poor woman) entered and immediately found the bodies. Apparently The Slenderman had told them I was running a marijuana growing operation so she was incredibly surprised to find the bodies. The story probably would have ended there if she hadn't decided to examine the body on the couch.

So it seems The Dying Man can possess corpses. Did anyone else know about this? I sure didn't. I assume the police officer didn't either. She does now. So now I have The Dying Man in the form of a Female Police officer locked in my bathroom. I wonder how long it will take for the police to send out more officers? Hopefully long enough for this game to end without me in a jail cell or on trial for murder and imprisoning an officer of the law.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Oh damn you to hell Treeman!

Fuck fuck fuck!

This is your doing isn't it Slender!?

This is where you disappeared to!?

Okay fuck calm down...

There's a police officer at my door and the fears have all disappeared from sight including the campers and puppets leaving me alone with a dead hobo on my couch and what will undoubtedly appear to be a dead stripper or prostitute in my bedroom. Do I answer the door? Do I petend I'm not home? Why is she even here?! What did the Slenderman tell them to make them send someone. Is it something routine or something big? Did he tell them I had bodies here? I can't just hide or they'll merely come back in force later... Fuck...

Monday, 6 February 2012

Hark The Herald Angel Sings

So I'm sure anyone reading this saw my conversation with The Archangel last night. I'm sure at least some of you think me an idiot for not accepting. Well sorry but I prefer the idea of dying honorably fighting till my last then serving that monster.

Now speaking of monsters they've all arrived now. All except The Child but I'm not surprised about that.

Rake is camped out on my roof still.

Plaguey is still in my kitchen and he made all my food rotten.

The Convocation is still in the tree outside my house.

The Choir are here somewhere.

The Blind Man is still in my library.

The Slenderman is back now I'm still not sure what he did but I am sure I won't like it and now...

The Dying Man's last host is dead on my couch and The Dying Man is possessing something somewhere in my house. Most likely the living room so I've been staying out of there.

This is just getting better and better.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Claws and Caws.

So in my last post I mentioned the coming of The Convocation and a nest. Well the nest is dead. Not by my hand. Either The Rake truly is a mindless animal and killed him in a blind feral attack or he has some secret plan and is intent on taking out the competition. He is currently fighting with The Convocation on my roof. However more interesting than that is the disappearance of The Slenderman. He's no longer in my room. The blind Man and The Plague Doctor are both still in place. The Plague Doctor has also taken to whacking me with his cane on occasion resulting in disgusting pus filled sores. If I didn't know he wasn't allowed to kill me outright I'd think he was giving me The Bubonic Plague.

What was I saying again?

Oh right The Slenderman is gone. Completely disappeared from my house.

He's up to something.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

I never thought boredom would be an issue...

So the fears are still hanging around and now I'm pretty sure The choir are here as well since I keep hearing sounds of people breaking into my house but no one is ever there. Other than that though nothing seems to be happening. So I had a nice little conversation with the Camper in between bathroom breaks and sudden memory loss. I asked it a few questions that I've wondered about the fears. I'd tell you all of them but I'm not sure I cna trust their answers anymore.

I asked the question, knowing they were required to answer, "can anything kill a fear?"

Me: Can anything kill a fear?

Camper: Yes.

Me: Really?! What?

Camper: We are all deathly allergic to grapefruits.

Me: ... What?

Camper: The rules said nothing about having to answer truthfully.

Me: ... Well that was useful.

So yeah sorry guys looks like I'm not going to be able to uncover any secrets.

I did confirm that The Quiet does in fact exist though or at least EAT wants me to believe it exists.

Oh interesting factoid. Apparently the tree outside my bedroom window can hold 759 crows on it but is really bad at concealing the nest trying desperately to hide in it's branches.

Friday, 3 February 2012

So a Librarian, a Doctor and a Businessman walk into a bar...

Two more members have joined the party and I've committed my first murder. Course I'm not sure when exactly they arrived since I've been in the bathroom for well pretty much since the last post.

Had to have the campers bring me water to keep me from dying of dehydration (Looking back on that having a  camper handling my water was probably a bad idea)

Anyways I'm getting distracted. So The Blind Man is here as is The Slenderman. The Slenderman showed up in my bedroom while The Blind Man is in my library. How appropriate. I'm forgetting something. Oh right thank you Puppet number whatever. Yes I murdered my first proxy today. When I entered the bedroom and saw The Slenderman I was savvy enough to expect the proxy hiding behind the door. I fired a bullet through the door at what I guessed to be head level and heard the satisifying sound of a body dropping to the floor. Turned out to be a woman. She was mostly naked. I'm glad I didn't look before shooting or I probably wouldn't of been able to do it. Short story I killed someone and the fears are taking over my house.

I think The Bind Man is stealing my rare books so I'll be back once I've handled that.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Creepy bastard...

Well The game seems to of started. The Plague doctor is hanging out in my kitchen. It's disturbing but he doesn't seem to be doing anything. As I foresaw he's pretty much harmless if he can't kill you outright. Wait a minute... Oh my nose is bleeding? Is that all you got? Really? A nosebl

Dr. Peyn has just run into the bathroom. It sounds painful. Updates will continue when he's out. ~The Camper

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Players


SlenderMan (Of course...)
The Plague Doctor (Creepy as hell but I don't see what he can really do to me in this instance)
The Choir (I hate you so much. There is no way in hell I'm letting these bastards win this.)
The Dying Man (Note to self touch no one...)
The Blind Man (Have one of the puppets remind me to check the blog every few hours to make sure I don't forget anything important)
The Unnamed Child (Another relatively useless antagonist. What can she do to me?)
The Rake (Sleep with ear plugs. Don't know if that will work but worth a try)
The Convocation (Fucking Birds...)


Myself (Hi)
The Wooden Girl (Surprise surprise)
EAT (Duh)
The Empty City (Not in any truly beneficial way. It is merely closing access to itself for the antagonist's proxies so they can't just show up in my bathroom. PoBL excluded of course.)


The Archangel (Thank God or um him?)
The Cold Boy (That makes this a lot easier)
The Intrusion (What would they do anyways?)
The Eye (I'm not guilty of anything... Yet)
The Smiling Man (Not sure what he'd of done to me anyways... Sure it would have sucked.)
The Black Dog (Um nothing to really say here)
The Manufactured Newborn (Well that's good news)
The Quiet (I'm not even sure this thing really exists. I should ask one of the campers or puppets.)
The Nightlanders (Oh goody I won't have to worry about my stuff being organized >.>)