Friday, 3 February 2012

So a Librarian, a Doctor and a Businessman walk into a bar...

Two more members have joined the party and I've committed my first murder. Course I'm not sure when exactly they arrived since I've been in the bathroom for well pretty much since the last post.

Had to have the campers bring me water to keep me from dying of dehydration (Looking back on that having a  camper handling my water was probably a bad idea)

Anyways I'm getting distracted. So The Blind Man is here as is The Slenderman. The Slenderman showed up in my bedroom while The Blind Man is in my library. How appropriate. I'm forgetting something. Oh right thank you Puppet number whatever. Yes I murdered my first proxy today. When I entered the bedroom and saw The Slenderman I was savvy enough to expect the proxy hiding behind the door. I fired a bullet through the door at what I guessed to be head level and heard the satisifying sound of a body dropping to the floor. Turned out to be a woman. She was mostly naked. I'm glad I didn't look before shooting or I probably wouldn't of been able to do it. Short story I killed someone and the fears are taking over my house.

I think The Bind Man is stealing my rare books so I'll be back once I've handled that.


  1. Oh, you're a killer now? Fun, fun.

    1. I guess so... Not like I had a choice though right?

  2. Goddamn, you keep making me laugh. Your commentary on all this is genius. Asking Camper for water, The Blind Man stealing your rare books, I love this.