Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I ran out ready to shoot the first puppet I saw but they were gone. Then I noticed why. The Rake was standing beside me and in front of him stood The Slenderman, The Plague Doctor and The Blind Man. Although all are either facially obscured or otherwise not externally emotional I could feel their rage. The Rake didn't seem afraid it seemed defiant. The Slenderman attacked first his tentacles launching towards The Rake who slashed them away with ease. The Blind Man opened his book and pages began to fly out obscuring The Rake from site temporarily however soon The Rake slashed his way through. I could see cuts all over his skin however. They healed a few seconds later as if they had never been there. The Rake then charged The Plague Doctor who deflected his slashes with the cane. Meanwhile Slender opened the bathroom door and The Dying Officer lunged out and tackled The Rake. The two wrestled for a while before The Rake decapitated The Dying Officer however at this point The Plague Doctor struck The Rake with the end of his cane and The Rake was covered with large boils which then exploded. The Rake reared back and made a loud pained growling sound and struck at The Plague Doctor who deflected it. One of Slender's Tentacles Pierced The Rakes shoulder and then they all just disappeared. I realized why. It was 12:00 Time was up. The Game was over. I don't know what exactly The Rake did that angered the others so much but whatever it was because of it I've won. The Game is over and I won. I faced The Fears and I won.

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