Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Players


SlenderMan (Of course...)
The Plague Doctor (Creepy as hell but I don't see what he can really do to me in this instance)
The Choir (I hate you so much. There is no way in hell I'm letting these bastards win this.)
The Dying Man (Note to self touch no one...)
The Blind Man (Have one of the puppets remind me to check the blog every few hours to make sure I don't forget anything important)
The Unnamed Child (Another relatively useless antagonist. What can she do to me?)
The Rake (Sleep with ear plugs. Don't know if that will work but worth a try)
The Convocation (Fucking Birds...)


Myself (Hi)
The Wooden Girl (Surprise surprise)
EAT (Duh)
The Empty City (Not in any truly beneficial way. It is merely closing access to itself for the antagonist's proxies so they can't just show up in my bathroom. PoBL excluded of course.)


The Archangel (Thank God or um him?)
The Cold Boy (That makes this a lot easier)
The Intrusion (What would they do anyways?)
The Eye (I'm not guilty of anything... Yet)
The Smiling Man (Not sure what he'd of done to me anyways... Sure it would have sucked.)
The Black Dog (Um nothing to really say here)
The Manufactured Newborn (Well that's good news)
The Quiet (I'm not even sure this thing really exists. I should ask one of the campers or puppets.)
The Nightlanders (Oh goody I won't have to worry about my stuff being organized >.>)

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  1. You are fucking hilarious. xD Especially that last line.