Monday, 13 February 2012

Just 1 more day. Just 1 more. You can do it!

Oh shit oh shit! They're going to kill me. Um ok fuck. I spoke too soon. I need to explain a bit more. The puppets working for me are not normal puppets. They're pretty much just normal people who's willpower has been put entirely under my control via The Wooden Girl. Well turns out this was a bad arrangement. See they sleep and since they can sleep The Rake can whisper to them.

Long story short. The puppets are all trying to kill me. The Camper fought against them at first but The Rake slaughtered them and so I'm now hiding in my bedroom the door locked and barricaded and they're trying desperately to get in.

I have my guns I should just go out there and kill them but for some reason I can't. I know they're just servants on my side because of this horrible game but still I can't not think of them as my friends, my allies. I was able to kill Marcinius why am I having so much trouble killing these puppets? It's because my mind is thinking of things now in terms of the game. Marcinius was a threat an enemy. The puppets are just controlled comrades. Still I won't survive if I don't kill them. Fine this is it. This may be my last goodbye. 

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  1. HE KILLED THE CAMPER. o__________e Good thing The Rake dies, like, four times in Rapture. The bastard deserves every death!