Saturday, 11 February 2012

Three more days...

The games almost over. I won The Nameless One's game and The Choir seems to of disappeared now. Apparently Marcinius had been their last ploy. The Plague Doctor also seems to of mostly given up. He still causes me a few nosebleeds and sores and I think some of my teeth are falling out but otherwise he's been quiet. The Blind Man however has started doing something very interesting. He's ben implanting horrific memories into my mind. I probably shouldn't be able to know they're fake but I'm pretty sure I was never sexually abused by my father when I was a little girl. Mostly because I'm a guy. Course it's still incredibly disturbing and effective. The Rake or The Convocation, not sure which, destroyed all my windows and ripped up all my furniture and my servant death count is now up to 8. 1 nest, 6 proxies and a dying man host if that counts. What else have you got because so far I'm winning.

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