Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Who's the lucky bastard?

The Fears are all gone now. The bodies are too. I'm all alone now. One of those bastards will be coming to get me soon. I've known that all along. The Archangel hinted that a certain Fear had already claimed me. He also hinted it was probably one of the neutrals. That's good at least The Choir bastards won't get the satisfaction. Now all that's left is to wait.

The more we walk together together together...
The more we walk together
The happier we'll be...

Wait what the hell am I writing?

Oh oh god. It's him. It all makes sense now. The Game made me the perfect target for him. I can hear his singing. It's getting so cold... The singing is so loud...

I'm going to die now... He's right in front of me... I want all of you out there to remember... I won. Against all odds, I won.

I'm so very cold.


  1. You did win. And god, I hate The Cold Boy. So I'm glad to say you won.

  2. I'm way late here, but I think you may need to think about what you do before you do it.