Saturday, 4 February 2012

I never thought boredom would be an issue...

So the fears are still hanging around and now I'm pretty sure The choir are here as well since I keep hearing sounds of people breaking into my house but no one is ever there. Other than that though nothing seems to be happening. So I had a nice little conversation with the Camper in between bathroom breaks and sudden memory loss. I asked it a few questions that I've wondered about the fears. I'd tell you all of them but I'm not sure I cna trust their answers anymore.

I asked the question, knowing they were required to answer, "can anything kill a fear?"

Me: Can anything kill a fear?

Camper: Yes.

Me: Really?! What?

Camper: We are all deathly allergic to grapefruits.

Me: ... What?

Camper: The rules said nothing about having to answer truthfully.

Me: ... Well that was useful.

So yeah sorry guys looks like I'm not going to be able to uncover any secrets.

I did confirm that The Quiet does in fact exist though or at least EAT wants me to believe it exists.

Oh interesting factoid. Apparently the tree outside my bedroom window can hold 759 crows on it but is really bad at concealing the nest trying desperately to hide in it's branches.