Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Wandering Death

I still have no computer and still have no clue how I'm writing this but I can read it as I'm writing it. Like it's in my head. I know that this is all being transmitted to the blog. I assume this is a mixture of The City and my Thoughtborness. Regardless I've been searching The City. Everywhere I turn is just an endless grey expanse. I feel like I'm in a maze and all around me I hear whispering. I know what they're saying. I acknowledge the truths and deny the lies. I will not repeat what was said. The road continues forever shifting back on itself. One walks forever. A death march of an immortal being. I could go crazy in this maze. I have been here for days but you would not be aware unless I told you. I don't know where Portnoy is. I don't know what The City is doing to him. I turn forever walking back to the start whenever I finish the course. I can't die and there's no way out.

There's always a way out for those who seek one. This body doesn't matter to me. It's merely a vessel to contain me. Why do I need to be contained? Why do I need a body? Time to get out. Time to defy expectations. I am thought. I am data. I am free.

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