Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Why do gods need worshipers? Discworld and a few other fictional and philosophical sources say it's because gods are created and powered by belief. That they are a symbiotic creature that requires humans to feed them belief and in return the humans get the benefit of divine protection and godly guidance. Let's assume this is mere fiction but gods are not. What other reason could there be? Do we go with the idea that there are some arbitrary laws restricting gods that requires them to use human agents? Do we decide that gods require humans as some form of menial work force? Or do we assume that gods just keep us around as a source of amusement? To laugh at our suffering and applaud our successes?

All are plausible but only the last implies a truly sadistic bend to our reason for existence.

Now why am I talking about Gods? Because Gods exist. What can be attributed to an evil or dark god that cannot be attributed to a fear. Immortality, knowledge and powers far beyond humanity, worshipers and, excluding the monotheistic gods which are mostly excluded from this comparison anyways, specific areas of control and expertise which sometimes overlap but often are separate from the areas of control of the other gods in their pantheon.

The Fears are gods. In fact one could probably trace them to many of the mythologies of the ancient world. So, about what we said earlier. Why do The Fears keep us around? The Game right? Well here's a theory. I'm not sure The Game exists. That probably sounds weird seeing as I was apparently part of the game but, that's part of the reason. Sure the rules could just be beyond our comprehension but they do seem to be kind of arbitrary. Ever changing. Well, I should be more accurate. The Game probably does exist. What I mean though is I doubt The Fears are truly bound by this Game. More likely it is some sort of self imposed system. Not something they really have to follow just something they choose to follow probably for their entertainment.

So, again I ask. Why do they keep us around? It's obviously they could destroy all of us on a whim if they wanted to. Now I'm not going to guess at their motivation. Maybe I'm entirely wrong. Maybe The Game really is some imposed rule the fears are forced to follow by some power far beyond our comprehension.

I just think it's important to wonder. Why are we still alive? Will we remain alive for much longer?

I'm almost at my destination now so I'll stop rambling.


  1. The Game is Calvin Ball as played by hellgods. However I think the wonders of dimensional bleeding have shown us glimpses of worlds where one or another of the Fears has attained victory over the others. I've seen the blog of a man who's world is dominated by the Cold Boy. Another where the Dying Man put all his pieces back together and possessed the whole of the earth. The Game seems to me all to real.

    1. Do these worlds really prove the existence of the game or just that one of these gods chose to no longer follow these self imposed rules and took over.

      Ignoring that I never said the game didn't exist. Well I did but I took it back. I believe the game exists I just don't believe The Fears are really bound by it.

      Maybe these fears did win the game and claim their prize but that would be because the other fears chose to accept defeat perhaps.