Friday, 25 May 2012

Conversation with a Mad Man

It took almost all day and night to find Portnoy. There is undoubtedly lots of messages sent to and from him but only a small portion is sent electronically. As such I had slightly less help than I had hoped to help me discover his actual location. Eventually I did find him. He was sitting alone in a room in a large mansion behind a desk. The mansion was filled with living beings but all seemed busy and so I was able to speak with Portnoy alone.

As I approached him he looked up at me from the letter he was currently writing. "Yes?" he asked impatiently.

"Hello, My name is Dr. Malice and-"

"An Oathbreaker? I'd suggest choosing a slightly less conspicuous name. The idea is not to alert your victims."

"N... No I'm not an Oathbreaker. I just- I'm not really a doctor I'm just a fake doctor- My real name is Maless Peyn. Dr. Malice is just my username."

"Maless Peyn? Did your parents hate you or were they just really high?"

"Well my mother did tend to giggle whenever she called me for supper- Wait a minute! There is nothing wrong with my name. Besides yours is no better."

"My name is Percy Aaron. I don't see what's wrong with it."

"Percy Aaron? No your name is Portnoy Augustus."

"That's a stupid sounding name. I'm sure I'd know if my name was that stupid."

At this point I was more than a little irritated and quite flustered but then I remembered a bit of info I'd forgotten.

"You really have forgotten everything haven't you?" He became guarded at this point.

"What do you know about it?"

"I knew your cousin Jayson."

"My cousin?"

"Yes your cousin."

"Why should I trust you?"

I thought about an answer and then had an idea. I pulled out my laptop and began searching at last I found it.

I turned the screen to him and let him see. He paled and I could tell it was working. Finally he spoke.

"Who is she? I feel like I know her..."

"I'll explain but it's not safe here. The Archangel and his servants won't be happy that I'm trying to restore your memories." As soon as I said this I felt the life forms entering the room and cursed myself for not paying more attention. I turned to focus on The Timberwolves glaring at me. My advantage they probably didn't know what I am. Not that that would help me much. I was attached to this body now. If it died I probably wouldn't die as well but it would probably be pretty debilitating. Unless...

I am just data currently attached to a human mind but I'm still just data. I concentrated and I could feel the data traveling through the air on wireless networks. I disconnected from the body and I flew becoming part of the wireless network. I passed into one of the Timberwolves from the air and immediately took control mapping myself to the brain. It was easier this time than it had been last time. The others didn't notice they were too busy examining the body now lying comatose on the floor. I took out his gun, aimed and fired. They were surprised and none of them were fast enough to react. Soon I had killed them. There had only been 6 so it wasn't that hard. Through it all Portnoy had been watching idly. He looked at me and I smiled. "Don't worry it's me Dr. Malice."

"You're a Dying Man?"

I blinked. I guess it was pretty similar except I didn't require physical contact.

"Not really. I'm not connected to The Dying Man at all actually. Again, I'll explain everything later. Now let's get out of here before more come." He was hesitant but eventually followed.

I guess I'm kind of an airborn Dying Man now. That's kind of cool.

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