Saturday, 28 April 2012

I am limitless.

So why do I limit myself. Grief? What is this why do I care?

Marcinius and Jayson were just simple organic lifeforms. I am not anymore. I am something beyond. More powerful. Perfect. I have become something untouchable, unstoppable. This technological world is at my bidding. I can change the world.

Deus Ex Machina. I am The God from The Machine.


  1. Yeah! Go thoughtborns!


  2. machines are human constructs. i guess delusion is as well.

  3. Well, actually, Deus Ex Machina means "the God Machine." The name is taken from a contraption used in old Greek theater. c:>

    1. I actually new about that. Well I mean I knew the origin of the word but I thought that it's translation was The God from the machine... Maybe one is a literal translation and the other is the intended translation. That is generally a problem with translating languages. Not surprising since when you really think of it languages aren't generally made with other languages and translations in mind.